Lash 101: Choosing a Style and Helpful How To’s

Lash 101: Choosing a Style and Helpful How To’s

What Shape, Size, and Curl You Need To Make Your Eyes Pop, Plus Tips and Tricks To Help You Apply Your Lashes Easily & Quickly!

If you’ve ever shopped for fake lashes, then you know how daunting the choice can be. There are so many different kinds that it can become overwhelmingly impossible to choose. How do you know how big to go? Wispy, curly, or straight lashes? And how do you even get them on? The glue is messy, it’s difficult to get your lashes to stick close enough to your eye, and some lashes are just plain uncomfortable.

For the most part, figuring out which lash styles you like the most and which lash tools work best for you is trial and error. However, I’ve put together some information to help anyone looking to level up their lash game with what styles suit each eye shape the best and what products you can use to make putting on lashes simple, quick, and easy!

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False Lashes Can Add a Lot to a Look!

The Basics of Strip Lashes

First, let’s break down the different components to look for in strip lashes. The thing most people notice first in a pair of lashes is the length and density. Lashes can vary in length from super short and natural to almost past your eyebrows! Some lashes may be very thin, tapered, and wispy, and others may be very thick, dense, and dark. These elements usually differ depending on whether you want a dramatic look or a natural one. Keep on reading for a full breakdown of the different curl patterns, materials, and colors that strip lashes can have, as well as how to determine the style that suits your eye shape the most.

Curl Pattern

Lashes are also created in different curl patterns. Some of the most popular types of curl patterns will be J, C, and L curls – all named after the general shape of the letter. A “C” curl will have a lot of curl from root to tip, and an “L” curl lash will be straighter at the base but curl up towards the end. A “J” curl is about in the middle, still being straighter at the root but slightly more curl than an “L” Curl lash.

J Curl Extension Curl Lash
"J" Curl is flatter at the base, curling up at the ends
"C" Curl lashes are very curled from root to ends.
"L" curl lashes are very straight at the roots, with a drastic flare towards the tip.

Lash Material

Lashes can be made of many types of hairs and fibers, including human, mink, silk, synthetic, and more. Mink lashes are extremely popular because they have the lightest and most natural appearance. Synthetic lashes can offer more versatility in style, especially for voluminous and dramatic looks, and retain their shape much longer. Human hair lashes are also more natural in appearance. However, they are more thick and dense than mink lashes.

Mink hair is lightweight and fluffy.
Synthetic lashes are affordable with style variety.
Human hair lashes are dramatic yet lightweight.


Another thing to look for when choosing a pair of lashes is the color. While there are some lashes that are made in fun, bright colors like purple or blue, most lashes range from brown to black. However, one important thing to note is some lashes may be darker than others, even if they are all black. Lashes can differ between a regular black and an ultra black which will appear more intense on the eye. Brown lashes are the most natural in appearance.

Regular black lashes make an impact without being too intense.
Ultra black lashes are darker and more dramatic than regular black.
Brown lashes are the most natural in appearance.

What Eye Shape You Have, and What Type of Lash You Should Choose

Use this chart as a quick reminder of what lash style suits your eye shape!

Finding the perfect eyelash is heavily dependent on understanding your particular eye shape. It can be hard to determine which eye shape you have sometimes, so I’ve put together short descriptions of each eye shape, along with what type of lash you should wear!

Round Eyes

Round eyes are characterized by appearing very wide open and awake. The eye shape is closer to a circle than others, making it a rounded eye. Some lashes that are too extreme for this eye shape and may give a startled appearance to the face. Wispy and winged eyelashes will elongate and flatter round eyes without overwhelming them.

Lashes that wing out towards the end will elongate the eye.
A wispy style won't overwhelm round eyes.

Almond Eyes

Almond eyes are longer, thinner-shaped eyes. This eye shape is extremely versatile and can wear any type of lash, depending on the desired effect. If you’re looking to open the eyes up more, then lashes with more length starting in the center of the eye is ideal. However, almond eyes look great with a cat-eye effect to complement their naturally angled shape. 

Lashes that are long in the center will round the eyes out more.
A flared lash will make a great cat-eye effect on almond shaped eyes.

Hooded and Deep Set Eyes

Hooded and deep-set eyes are eyes that have the eyelids basically hidden when the eyes are open. The crease of hooded eyes is deeper and is generally covered by the upper eyelid when the eye is open. Since hooded eyes can look heavy, a lash with extra curl and is long from the middle to the ends will help open up and lift the eyes.

Lashes that are long from the middle to the ends will help make hooded eyes pop.
Lashes with a heavy curl will lift up heavy-looking eyes.

Monolid Eyes

A monolid eye shape is defined by having the appearance of a smooth, flat space above the eye with no creasing at all. Monolids are an open canvas for lashes and makeup, meaning you can wear most any lash shape, but denser, thick lashes may also overload and weigh down monolid eye shapes. Go for a lighter, criss-cross design or lashes with separation to make your eyes stand out.

Curved lashes with separation add interest to monolid eyes.
Light criss-cross designs help to lift monolid eyes.

Upturned or Downturned Eyes

Another important factor in determining eye shape is whether your eyes turn up or down towards the outer corner. Upturned eyes seem to lift up towards the ends, so a lash that flares out at the ends will accentuate this shape even more. Downturned eyes can look droopy, so a light criss-cross or separated style lash will help lift the eyes more.

Upturned eyes benefit from a lash with a lot of length.
Downturned eyes can use an extra lift with lashes that flare out at the ends.

Eye and lid shape can vary from person to person, and can even be a mix of several of these characteristics. While this is a good starting guide to finding the perfect lashes for you, it’s not a comprehensive guide, and ultimately trial and error is what leads you to finding the lash style that you like the best. So, don’t be afraid to try new things and experiment with different styles! United Beauty Supply has over 400 lash styles, so there’s definitely something for everyone!

How to Put Lashes on Like a Pro!

Now that you know what eye shape you have and how to choose a lash based on your eye shape, here are some of my best tips to get lashes on quickly and easily, including what lash styles I prefer, what tools and glue I’ve found to work best when applying lashes. Watch this video to see how I use my holy grail lash applicator and lash glue that helps me get my lashes on perfectly every time!

Step by Step Guide

1. Test Lash Length and Trim

Remove lashes from the pack and test the size/shape on your eye. Cut the lash if needed (always from the outer corner).

2. Line Eyelid With GlueLiner

Starting with a clean lid, line the upper lash line with a thin layer of lash glue. If using the Black GlueLiner, choose whatever liner style you’d like (cat eye, large wing, fox eye, thin liner, etc.) Make sure to cover enough of the eye so the length of the strip lash can stick to the glue.

3. Use the Applicator to Place the Lash

Holding the Lash Grip applicator horizontally, grip the lash in the center and stick it to the center of your eyelid carefully. Turning the applicator sideways to fit in the corners, gently push the corners of the strip lash onto the liner so that the lash band lays flat against your natural lashes.

4. Add More GlueLiner if Needed

Use the silicone end of the applicator to push the lash band into place if needed. Correct any gaping by touching up with the GlueLiner wherever needed and pressing the lashes in again.

5. Blend With Natural Lashes

Squeeze natural lashes and false lashes together with the grip applicator until natural lashes blend into the strip lash. Fluff and push up lashes gently for desired effect.

What eye shape do you have? What are your favorite lash styles and lash products? Let us know in the comments below!

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