Rastafri Bahama Curl Crochet Hair


RastAfri Bahama Curl Crochet Hair is the epitome of a low maintenance carefree protective style. You will enjoy the natural look and feel, irritation-free fiber and tangle-free quality. The curls resemble a perfect twist out minus the labor. Styling is as easy as fluffing with your fingers and go! Use hydrating synthetic sprays that are not only good for keeping your style frizz-free but perfect for keeping your hair underneath hydrated which promotes growth. With proper care, you can wear this style for up to four months!



Packs Needed: Approx 5 – 8 packs depending on the density desired.

Hair Texture: Curly

Hair Length: Approx 22″/Folded 10-12″

Additional information

Weight 8 oz

HM4/30, HM4/27, HM27/613, HM1B/BG, HM1B/33, HM1B/30, BT1B/PURPLE, BT1B/GRAY, BT1B/GOLD, BT1B/FUCHSIA, BT1B/BL, BT1B/BG, 4, 2, 1B, 1


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