Fashion Source MB EZL - Aaliyah 360° Natural Parting Wig

Fashion Source MB EZL - Aaliyah 360° Natural Parting Wig

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This incredible 360° lace wig has a natural hairline with ample coverage and unbelievable circular dimension, making it perfect for styling in numerous ways including updo’s, ponytails, and messy buns. With the Magic Band elastic adjustable strap, this wig will stay comfortably in place for long day and night wear. The sleek style is heat styling safe up to 360° so you can curl it for special occasions, or maintain the straightened look. Available in beautiful ombre natural and specialty colors to suit any personality!
  • 360° Lace
  • Adjustable Band
  • Curling Iron Safe
  • Versatile Parting
  • Styling Freedom

Type: 360° Lace Wig
Hair: Synthetic
Parting: Free Parting
Style: Sleek and Straight
Length: Approx. 20”
Heat Safe: Yes
Color Shown: 1B
Colors: Natural and Specialty Colors


  1. Wash the hair with cold water, adding a dash of mild shampoo and swish gently.

  2. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.

  3. After towel blot, drip dry. Do not brush or comb hair when it is still wet.

  4. After the hair is completely dry, comb only with a wide-tooth comb or using your fingers. Starting at the bottom, gently comb the hair using a downward motion, gradually moving up until all the hair has been combed.

Care Instructions:
  1. Gently detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb every morning and night

  2. Do not sleep on wet hair. It will matt and tangle.

  3. Do not spray or put heavy pomade on synthetic hair. It will dull and matt the hair.

  4. For wig products, use a mannequin head or wig stand when not in use to keep wig shape and prevent tangling and matting.

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