Kiss i-Envy Stick-On Brow Stencils -KPSS

Kiss i-Envy Stick-On Brow Stencils -KPSS

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Create picture-perfect brows in seconds! i-Envy’s Stick-On Brow Stencil makes it easy to shape, define, and fill in color however you like. Get beautiful delicate, natural, or dramatic brows with this easy-to-use stencil.


  • Quick and easy application

  • Shape, define and fill in color

  • Includes 7 pairs of stencils

  • 3 different styles to choose from


Peel Stick-On Brow Stencil off of the backing. Line up the stencil over your natural brow and press on. Fill in your brow within the shape of the stencil, working your way outward. Remove the stencil and touch up any sparse areas.
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