KISS i-Envy V-Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Lashes

KISS i-Envy V-Luxe 100% Virgin Remy Hair Lashes

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V-Luxe’s revolutionary tapered end design blends perfectly with your natural lashes. Lace your lash line with 100% Virgin Remy Hair that feels incredibly soft and undeniably lightweight. V-Luxe guarantees to give you a flawlessly natural look that will catch everyone’s eye!


  • Made with 100% Virgin Remy Hair

  • Tapered End for a Natural Look

  • Looks and Feels More Natural Than Other Lashes

  • Includes Reusable Sliding Lash Case

Directions: Lay eyelash on top of your natural lash to check fit; trim as needed. Apply eyelash adhesive to the lash band and wait 30 seconds. Apply eyelash along the natural lash line and hold until dry.

Cleaning Directions: Remove dried glue on the back center of the lash band with tweezers. Lay lash on a tissue and rub eyelashes from root to tip with a cotton swab dipped in eye makeup remover.

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