Mofajang Instant Temporary Color Hair Wax

Mofajang Instant Temporary Color Hair Wax

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Quickly add temporary color, texture, and style to your hair with Mofajang Colored Hair Wax. This versatile colored pomade allows you to sculpt and shape a perfect hairstyle in minutes without feeling heavy or sticky. No mess and washes out completely.


Temporary and water-soluble for do-it-yourself, uniquely colored hair that washes out easily. Made from 100% natural plant extracts and environmentally friendly so it will not irritate your scalp or skin. Why waste time with permanent hair dye when you can change your look whenever you want!



  1. Wash your hair and dry it to 80%;

  2. Place a finger full of hair wax on the palm and spread evenly;

  3. Apply to all areas that need a color boost;

  4. Slay with your new look!

  5. Wash out easily once used.


  • Avoid contact with eyes.

  • For external use only.

  • If you put too much in your hair and it gets hard, all you need is add a bit of water and brush out the extra.


Brand: Mofajang

Ingredients: water, beeswax, Brazilian palm wax, cetyl stearyl alcohol, glycerol extract, tea extract, etc.

Store Below: 86°F/30°C

Package Included: 1 hair wax

Weight: 120g / 4 oz.

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