Rastafri Imani Twist 14" Crochet Hair

Rastafri Imani Twist 14" Crochet Hair

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RastAfri’s Imani Twist Crochet Hair captures your beauty and its authenticity with alluring bold colors and prestige design. This single-loop braiding hair is as light as a feather and as soft as silk with a smooth-finishing tip. Assure magnificent beauty each and every time.
  • Single Loop Crochet Braid
  • Easy to Install
  • Soft and Silky
  • Authentic Twist
  • 19 Pieces per Pack
  • Smooth Finishing Tip
  • Lightweight
Type: Ombre Crochet Braiding Hair
Hair: Premium Synthetic Fibers
Style: Medium Twists
Length: 14 in.
Heat Safe: No
Colors: Natural Hues
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