Make Your Synthetic Hair Last Longer!

Now that you’ve learned how to install synthetic clip-in extensions, I have some tips and tricks on how to care for your synthetic clip-ins!

While synthetic hair extensions are much more affordable than human hair extensions, this usually means they won’t last as long as human hair. However, with the proper care techniques, you can certainly keep your synthetic clip-ins looking new for much longer! Read on and watch our video for a few key tips to keep your synthetic clip-in extensions good as new.

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Get the Hair of Your Dreams Instantly!

Now that we’ve talked about my journey into wigs, it’s time to talk about hair extensions!

When I put these hair extensions in, my self-confidence skyrocketed! I feel like I can conquer the world with my new thick, voluminous, waist-length hair. It’s the dream hair that I wished I had for so long, and it was so easy to achieve this new look! Read on to find out how!

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