Beauty Town Hair Styling Razor BT78101

Beauty Town Hair Styling Razor BT78101

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Get the texture and layers you want in your haircut with Beauty Town Hair Styling Razor. This razor is made with high-quality steel and allows for the best control when cutting. This razor is ideal for achieving texture and feather cuts, layers, shape, design, and full haircuts. It's easy to use and provides excellent functionality. Give your client the hairstyle they have been longing for with this premium hair styling razor.
  • Ergonomic Design 
  • Made With High-Quality Steel
  • Allows for Cutting Control
  • Blade Guarded for Protection 
  • Great for: 
    • Texture Cuts
    • Feather Cuts 
    • Layers 
    • Shape 
    • Design 
    • Full Haircuts 
Keep out of reach of children. Do not move the razor horizontally or touch the blade edge. 
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