Bobbi Boss Just Glam 44" Braid 3X

Bobbi Boss Just Glam 44" Braid 3X

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Just Glam braids are just made better for ultra-glam results! With exclusive enhanced fiber with extra texture and volume, you can get a truly stand out style. The A+ quality fiber has distinguished length, texture, and color while being super light and soft to the touch. In addition, Bobbi Boss uses a unique coloration process to create extra depth to intensify natural and exotic color blends. To top it all off, this hair is clean and hygienic for itch-free and bacteria-resistant long-term wear.
  • Pre-Feathered
  • Fast Drying
  • Superior Quality
  • Clean & Hygienic
  • Tangle-Free
  • Time-Saving
  • Hot Water Setting
  • Soft on Fingers
  • 3 Pack
Type: 3X Value Pack Braiding Hair
Hair: Pre-Feathered Hygienic Enhanced Synthetic Fiber
Style: Textured, Long
Length: 44”
Heat Safe: Yes
Colors: Bright and Natural Ombre, Blended Colors
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