Fashion Source HD Lace Milan Wig

Fashion Source HD Lace Milan Wig

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A new glamorous look awaits you with the HDL-Milan wig! Made from high-temperature fiber, so it works well with conventional curling irons and allows you to create a unique style at your desire. The gorgeous array of blended specialty colors will give you the fresh new look you’ve been waiting for. With HD lace to blend your hairline seamlessly and a deep natural middle part, you’ll get an easy application and fit every time!
  • HD Lace
  • Natural Curved Right Side Part
  • Natural Waves
  • Specialty Colors Available
  • Curling Iron Safe

Type: HD Lace Front
Hair: Kanekalon Futura Fiber
Parting: Deep Natural Middle Part
Style: Natural Loose Curl
Length: Approx. 22”
Heat Safe: Yes, up to 360°F
Color Shown: F4/30
Colors: Natural and Specialty Blended Colors

Washing Instructions:
  1. Wash the hair with cold water, adding a dash or mild shampoo and swish gently.

  2. Rinse thoroughly in cold water.

  3. After towel blot, drip dry. Do not brush or comb hair when it is still wet.

  4. After the hair is completely dry, comb only with wide-tooth comb or using your fingers. Starting at the bottom, gently comb the hair using a downward motion, gradually moving up until all the hair has been combed.

Care Instructions:
  1. Gently de-tangle hair with wide-tooth comb every morning and night.

  2. Do not sleep on wet hair. It will matt and tangle.

  3. Do not spray or put heavy pomade on synthetic hair products. It will dull and matt the hair.

  4. For wig products, use a mannequin head or wig stand when not in use to keep form and shape; and prevent tangling and matting

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