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  • CARVES OUT THE SHARPEST LINES: It’s a clear shave gel and non-foaming! You know what that means… you get to see where you’re going, so you can create the sharp, clean lines and precision edge-ups. Leave the guesswork to shaving foam users, your skin deserves the feel of confidence and certainty. If you’ve never had the luxury of using clear shaving gel before, get ready for an unparalleled experience!
  • THE SMOOTHEST GLIDE: Most users prefer to apply this shaving gel on dry skin! Either way, you or your customers’ shave will be smooth and clean. No rash, no burns, no clogged blades.
  • FRESH, CLEAN SCENT: There’s nothing worse than a shave soap with a pungent smell! Mane Tame Vintage Shaving Gel is gently scented with mint, citrus, wood, musk and amber tones – an excellent blend of sophisticated beast mode!
  • Made in the USA! – Tested in professional barbershops, produced in the USA (Los Angeles, California to be exact), our Vintage Shaving Gel is homegrown and made with safe ingredients, love and care.
  • SENSITIVE SKIN NUTRITION – HYDRATES AND NOURISHES: Foams and shave creams can dry out your pores. We’ve taken our Gel one step further and enriched it with Aloe Vera, Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E. Reduces inflammation while leaving skin cool and fresh. Minimize the need for after-shave. Hydrate+Moisturize+Protect.
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