Outre Velvet Remi Yaki 10s" 100% Human Hair Weft

Outre Velvet Remi Yaki 10s" 100% Human Hair Weft

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Velvet Remi hair extensions are made with 100% Remi Human Hair that feature hair cuticles facing the same direction from root to tip to eliminate tangling and give the hair natural movement. Minimally processed to preserve its natural strength and resilience, Velvet Remi has a velvety soft feel with a shine that matches natural hair texture. Available in the 10s” length for a natural-looking shoulder-length look.
  • 100% Human Hair
  • One Directional Hair Cuticles
  • Minimally Processed
  • Velvety Soft
  • Long-Lasting and Durable
  • Heat Styling Safe

Type: Weft Extensions
Hair: 100% Remi Human Hair
Style: Straight
Length: 10s”
Heat Safe: Yes
Colors: Natural Colors

The specific weave or braid procedure will determine actual hair maintece requirements. Ask your hair stylist for specific washing and maintece instructions.

    1. Detangle hair from ends to roots before washing.

    2. Carefully wash with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo.

    3. Do not rub or twist the hair. Follow with conditioner.

    4. Gently squeeze out excess water and pat dry with towel. Do not roll or rub the hair.

    5. Dry and style hair as recommended by your hair stylist.

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