Wet N Wavy Tangle Free Leave-In Conditioner 12 oz

Wet N Wavy Tangle Free Leave-In Conditioner 12 oz

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Wet-N-Wavy Tangle Free Spray is designed to revitalize and define hairstyles of all kinds. It improves your hair’s overall health while adding body, sheen, elasticity and silky softness. Your hair is guaranteed to be shinier, detangled and more manageable after use. Usable on both synthetic and human hair.
  • Detangles matted hair for easy wet or dry combing
  • Adds silky, lustrous shine to weave and braids without buildup
  • Defines wave patterns on natural hair and weaves
  • Eliminates dry split ends and decreases inner fiber friction
  • Soothes tightness on scalp from braiding 
  • Made of a special blend of emollients and conditioners mixed with Vitamins A and E
Mist lightly and evenly while holding the container 6 to 8 inches from hair. Massage thoroughly. Comb or brush and style as desired.
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