Kiss i-Envy V-Luxe 30D DIY Lash Extension Clusters VLEI

Kiss i-Envy V-Luxe 30D DIY Lash Extension Clusters VLEI

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Compared to conventional individual lashes, V-Luxe 30D Extension Cluster Lashes’ finish is much fluffier, softer, and multi-dimensional. There are 30 hairs in each cluster made from various curls, thicknesses, and lengths to create the best salon extension look. The easy application means you can get the lash extension look right at home in about ten minutes!
  • DIY Lash Extension Look
  • Flat Root
  • Fishtail Shape
  • Pre-Made Fanned Out Volume
  • Tapered Ends
  • 30 Lashes in One Root
  • Multi-Layered
How to Apply Eyelashes:
  1. Using tweezers, gently remove a cluster lash starting from the base of the lash. Make sure to grab the entire upper part of the lash.

  2. Dip the cluster lash’s base into i-Envy’s semi-permanent individual eyelash adhesive.

  3. Place each cluster lash as close to your natural lash line as possible, space out each cluster lash to achieve your desired look.

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