Kiss i-Envy V-Luxe Extended Collection Lash Extension Clusters

Kiss i-Envy V-Luxe Extended Collection Lash Extension Clusters

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The new way to salon lash extensions is all yours with the i-Envy V-Luxe Extended Collection Lash Clusters. These packs of lashes are easy to use and designed to be applied underneath the natural lashes for a seamless appearance. This variety pack features short, medium, and long lengths to mix and match for a custom look. Choose between the 3D Extended for a full glam look or the Demi Extended for an eye-opening effect.
  • Quick & Easy application
  • Weightless micro-band cluster
  • Foolproof & Smudge-free
  • 3D Extended Style:
    • 3D Curling Effect
    • Full Glam Look
  • 3D Extended Style:
    • Wispy Lengthening
    • Eye-Opening Effect


  1. Brush on Bond: Brush a light coat of Bond on natural lashes. A little goes a long way!

  2. Place Clusters Underneath: Use Extended Applicator to pluck Extended Clusters from the tray. Pick up a Cluster from the middle-outer end for optimal control and application. One by one, gently place the Clusters underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from the waterline.

  3. Lock in with Seal: Apply a thin coat of Seal under extended Cluster- this final touch eliminates any sticky residue and holds Clusters in place for all-day wear!

How to Remove:

  1. Take a cotton pad and saturate with make-up remover.

  2. Place over eyes; hold for 10 seconds and gently wipe away to remove Clusters and Bond & Seal.

Repeat as necessary until there are no more residues left.

Pro Tips:

  1. Apply Extended Cluster starting from the outer corner of the lash line, working inwards (or vice versa). Be sure to place Clusters right next to each other for a seamless look.

  2. If needed, use Extended Applicator or your fingers to squeeze the Clusters against your natural lashes; this helps Clusters adhere for a more secure hold.

  3. To prolong the life of your Extended Applicator Clusters, wipe off any Bond residue with rubbing alcohol or remover. With gentle care, clusters are reusable.

Keep out of reach of children.
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