Kiss i-Envy 2X Volume 3D Trio Lashes

Kiss i-Envy 2X Volume 3D Trio Lashes

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Double the volume and enhance the drama in your eye looks with these 3D multi-layer trio lashes! They can be used sparsely for a natural effect, or use more for a flared look. These customizable lashes will add wispy intensity to your lash line! Available in classic black, ultra-black and medium or long length.
  • 30 Lash Trios
  • Multi-Layer Effect
  • Tapered Ends
  • 3X Faster & Easier
  • Variable Lengths & Color
  • Glue Pocket In Tray
How To Apply:
  1. Using lash applicator, gently remove a trio lash from tray.

  2. Dip knotted end of trio lash into adhesive, do not saturate.

  3. Starting from the corner, place trio lash on lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely. Gradually work toward the other corner until lashes blend.

How to Remove:
Using adhesive remover or baby oil, moisten cotton swabs and gently massage over lashes.
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