Kiss i-Envy Extension Curl Strip Lashes

Kiss i-Envy Extension Curl Strip Lashes

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Achieve elegant salon-quality looks with i-Envy’s Extension Curl strip lashes. Each lash is fitted with high-quality fiber bonded to an invisible lash band for a natural look. Choose from a selection of J, C, and L curls that will leave your lashes longer and fuller with a premium lash extension look!
  • Salon-Quality Extension Curl Loo
  • Variety of J, C, and L Curls
  • Longer and Fuller Lashes
  • Natural Look
  • Invisible Lash Band
Align the lash band to the natural lash line and trim if needed. Apply i-Envy lash adhesive to lash band and wait 30 seconds. Secure the lash band by pressing onto the lash line.
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